Tiia Ettala


    Tiia Ettala Photography
    Kalevankatu 31 A 14 00100 Helsinki
    +358 50 522 8891 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

•    I was born in Espoo, Finland in 1976.
•    M.Sc. in architecture from the Helsinki University of Technology, 2004.
•    I studied for one semester in Barcelona in l’Escola Tècnica Superior
     d’Arquitectura de Barcelona (ETSAB).
•    I have worked as an architect both in Finland and Spain.
•    All through my studies, and my career as an architect, I have been photographing
      my surroundings; first for pleasure and later on as a professional architectural photographer.
•    I have been working as a professional architectural photographer since 2007.
•    Pictures published in A10, Ark (The Finnish Architectural Review), Form magazine etc.
•    Exhibitions of own photography projects (Street Photography) in Girona, Helsinki and Turku.
•    I have lived in Helsinki, Barcelona, Girona (Spain) and Riyadh (Saudi-Arabia).
•    I speak Finnish, Swedish, English, Spanish, Catalan and French.


Architectural Photography

An architectural photographer takes pictures of buildings. But there’s more to it than that.
An architectural photoprapher also photographs space, light, people in space, and architecture in its surroundings; in its urban or natural settings, always within the context of time and place.
A building is meaningless on its own. Its significance arises from the surroundings, the users, and its relationship with reality.

Street Photography

I put my personal projects under the title of street photography. This only means that they are taken on the street or in other public spaces.
Often we don’t notice the things we pass by every day. As we go on our daily errands we easily focus on just a very small part of what there really is to be seen.
When we then find ourselves in a foreign city, we walk around with our eyes wide open, peeping into gateways, squinting up at the rooftops, gazing and wondering.
But, if in our own city, on our own street, we, for a moment, turn our thoughts away from our most immediate goals, we can see equally intriguing things. It is refreshing to walk down a familiar street slowly, staring about.
Our surroundings are under constant change. At all times large scale building and remodeling projects are being carried on in a city, but at the same time there are slow and subtle changes taking place; the plaster on the wall flakes, the electrical cabinets and drainpipes are covered with stickers that in their turn peel off, someone traces their tag on a wall, someone else paints it over.
Even though not nearly all of my pictures have people in them, are the inhabitants of the city always present in one way or another. A worn down wall tells us stories. I want to contemplate this backdrop of our everyday lives with curious eyes, without evaluating what I see.